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A Proud Legacy Of Social Justice, Union Solidarity, And Inspiring Leadership In The Field Of California Workers’ Compensation

Ford & Wallach (“F&W’) is one of California’s preeminent workers’ compensation law firms fighting exclusively for injured workers. The prestigious law firm practices the highest levels of legal and ethical representation in the California legal system. Partners, Scott Ford and Cheryl Wallach are honored throughout the State of California for their advocacy on behalf of injured workers in the field of workers’ compensation. Additionally, both partners are certified workers’ compensation specialists by the State Bar of California. The firm’s attorneys are recognized among their peers by Southern California Super Lawyers. Furthermore, all of F&W’s attorneys are active members of the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association (“CAAA”) as well as the Los Angeles local chapter of CAAA, the Southern California Applicants’ Attorneys Association (“SCAAA”). Mr. Ford and Ms. Wallach serve as elected directors on CAAA’s Board of Governors and are past presidents of SCAAA.

Leading the way for injured workers, the firm’s attorneys are not only zealous advocates for injured workers at the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, but they are compassionate and committed individuals that believe in conscientious social change on behalf of workers. Ford & Wallach’s attorneys are routinely engaging in outreach to the public about workers’ rights and furthering positive legal reforms for workers. For example, F&W’s attorneys are regularly lobbying in the California legislature, speaking and educating at the Labor Studies Program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. They also can be found volunteering as part of community service and labor organizations, standing in solidarity in social justice action, as well as leading union training seminars for workers. All of F&W’s clerical employees are union members of Teamsters Local 986 and the attorneys are affiliated with Teamsters.

Fighting for the Rights of Injured Workers

Ford & Wallach was founded in 1953 by labor leader and social justice attorney, Abe F. Levy. Mr. Levy established numerous legal precedents at the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of labor unions and workers. In addition, he championed reform of the California workers’ compensation system for injured workers.

Notably, Mr. Levy was a founding member of the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association. CAAA is the only legal association in California dedicated to the advocacy of injured workers. Mr. Levy authored Labor Code section 4600. This code section gives an injured worker the right to predesignate a physician of the injured worker’s choice for their workers’ compensation injury without the consent of the employer to the injured worker’s doctor. Even today, Section 4600 remains one of the most important pieces of legislation providing an injured worker with control over the injured worker’s medical treatment in the California workers’ compensation system. Mr. Levy passed away in 1997, leaving a legacy of a lifelong commitment to the labor and social justice movement, which F&W upholds to this day.

Ford & Wallach is a proud champion of labor and social justice rights! We are ready to fight for you, protect your rights, and obtain the best results for you in the California workers’ compensation system! More than ever, injured workers need an ally to stand up for them in a legal system that is often fraught with confusion, stressful deadlines, perils, and pitfalls for the unwary injured worker. Let F&W navigate a successful result and the best outcome for you in the California workers’ compensation system. Your job is to get better. Our job is everything else.℠