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What should I do if I get hurt on the job?

1. Report the injury to your employer. Tell your supervisor(s) right away.

If your injury or illness developed gradually (like tendonitis or hearing loss), report it as soon as you learn it was caused by your job. Reporting promptly helps prevent problems and delays in receiving benefits, including medical care you may need to avoid further injury. If your employer does not learn of your injury within 30 days, you could lose your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

2. Get emergency treatment if needed.

If it is a medical emergency, go to an emergency room right away. Your employer may tell you where to go for treatment. Tell the health care provider who treats you that your injury or illness is job-related.

3. Fill out a claim form.

Your employer must give you a claim form within 24 hours after learning about your injury or illness. Use the form to request workers’ compensation benefits. Fill out and sign the employee portion of the claim form. Describe your injury completely. List every part of your body affected by the injury.

4. Give the form to your employer (which is called filling the claim form).

5. Get good medical care.

Get good medical care to help you recover. A doctor who understands your particular type of injury or illness should treat you. Tell the doctor about your symptoms and the events at work that you believe caused them. Also, describe your job and your work environment.

6. What happens after I file the claim form?

Your employer must fill out and sign the “employer” portion of the claim form and give the completed form to a claims administrator. (This person handles claims for your employer and usually works for your employee’s insurance company.) Your employer must give you a copy of the completed form within 24 hours after you filed it. Keep this copy. The claims administrator usually must decide within 90 days whether to accept or deny your claim