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You have the right to go to trial to seek a Findings and Award (“F&A”) when it is not possible to reach a settlement agreement in your workers’ compensation case. This can happen when you are unable to reach a settlement agreement for a Stipulations With Request For Award (“Stips”) or for a Compromise and Release (“C&R”). In this, our last post in our series about the types of California workers’ comp settlements, we will provide insight about the process.

What Is A Findings And Award?

A Findings And Award is made by an administrative law judge at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (“WCAB”). There is no jury trial in a workers’ comp case. All determinations in your workers’ compensation case trial are made by the WCAB judge. Typically, the judge bases the F&A on the medical reports in your case, your testimony, any witnesses called in your case by you, and/or any witnesses called by the employer or workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

How Is A Findings And Award Different From Stips?

Generally speaking, the effect of a Findings and Award is similar to that of a Stipulated Award. However, in the F&A it is the judge that makes findings as to all the issues in your workers’ compensation case. For example, the judge determines whether you sustained an industrial injury(ies); your percentage of permanent disability; monetary rate of permanent disability payments based on your date of injury; periods of temporary disability; monetary rate of temporary disability based on your date of injury; what body parts/medical conditions were injured on an industrial basis; what body parts/medical conditions are entitled to open lifetime future medical care; reimbursement of mileage and out of pocket expenses; entitlement to a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Voucher, and more. Furthermore, the F&A may be reopened within 5 years of the date of injury for new and further disability by filing a Petition To Reopen with the WCAB.

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