Workers’ Comp Case Trial

What Happens at a Workers' Comp Trial? Your doctors have issued their final reports. Your workers' compensation attorney has made a settlement demand. You have received an offer. Now it is time for you to decide to either accept the offer or go to trial with your workers' compensation case. This newsflash will provide [Read more]

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Job Retraining Vouchers: Am I eligible?

Can I obtain a job retraining voucher through the California workers’ compensation system if I am so disabled that I cannot return to my preinjury job? The answer is yes! If you are medically unable to return to your preinjury employer and/or preinjury job, you may be entitled to a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Voucher [Read more]

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What if my Workers’ Comp claim has been denied?

In the California workers’ compensation (“WC”) system, the WC defendant e.g., the WC insurance carrier or permissibly self-insured employer, is allowed to place your claim on delay status for up to 90 days from the date of the defendant’s receipt of your WC claim. Within this 90-day delay status period, the WC defendant is supposed [Read more]

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TTD (Temporary Total Disability) Rates are Going Up for 2019 Dates of Injury

One of the most important benefits for an injured worker with an admitted injury is the wage replacement benefit known in the California workers’ compensation (“WC”) system as Temporary Total Disability (“TTD”). TTD is meant to compensate an injured worker for their loss of wages while the injured worker is off work recovering from their [Read more]

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Findings and Award

You have the right to go to trial to seek a Findings and Award ("F&A") when it is not possible to reach a settlement agreement in your workers' compensation case. This can happen when you are unable to reach a settlement agreement for a Stipulations With Request For Award ("Stips") or for a Compromise and Release ("C&R"). In this, [Read more]

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Settling Your Case By Compromise And Release

In our last post, we offered advantages and disadvantages to a type of workers' compensation settlement known as Stipulations With Request for Award (if you missed that post, you can find it here). In this, our second post about the types of California workers' comp settlements, we will give you a basic primer about [Read more]

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Stipulations With Request For Award

Last month, we discussed some pros and cons about settling your workers' compensation case versus going to trial. Now we will offer some basic knowledge about types of settlements you may need to consider. Types of settlements include: 1. Stipulations With Request For Award; 2. Compromise And Release; and 3. Findings And Award. This week, [Read more]

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What is workers' compensation? What is a workers' compensation claim? Do you have a claim? Watch to learn about eligibility, benefits and the history of workers comp, from attorney Cheryl Wallach of Ford & Wallach in Los Angeles, California. Ms. Wallach has over 20 years of experience in workers compensation law and is a certified specialist by the [Read more]

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SB 899 and SB 863 Workers’ Compensation Reform

Download the below document for important changes that you need to know regarding SB 899 and the new SB 863 workers' compensation reform. The workers' compensation law is full of pitfalls and traps for the unknowledgeable worker. Miss a deadline and your claim may be over. Before you are injured, know your rights!!! Downloadable [Read more]

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Workers’ Comp: Settle, Or Go To Trial?

Should I settle, or go to Trial? This is one of the most frequent questions in a workers’ compensation case. The truth is, there is no one-fits-all answer. It depends both on the specific circumstances, and goals in the case. Your attorneys do not know the final value of the workers’ comp case until they have final medical reports from [Read more]

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