Settling Your Case By Compromise And Release

In our last post, we offered advantages and disadvantages to a type of workers' compensation settlement known as Stipulations With Request for Award (if you missed that post, you can find it here). In this, our second post about the types of California workers' comp settlements, we will give you a basic primer about [Read more]

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Stipulations With Request For Award

Last month, we discussed some pros and cons about settling your workers' compensation case versus going to trial. Now we will offer some basic knowledge about types of settlements you may need to consider. Types of settlements include: 1. Stipulations With Request For Award; 2. Compromise And Release; and 3. Findings And Award. This week, [Read more]

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What is workers' compensation? What is a workers' compensation claim? Do you have a claim? Watch to learn about eligibility, benefits and the history of workers comp, from attorney Cheryl Wallach of Ford & Wallach in Los Angeles, California. Ms. Wallach has over 20 years of experience in workers compensation law and is a certified specialist by the [Read more]

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