Workers’ Comp Case Trial

What Happens at a Workers' Comp Trial? Your doctors have issued their final reports. Your workers' compensation attorney has made a settlement demand. You have received an offer. Now it is time for you to decide to either accept the offer or go to trial with your workers' compensation case. This newsflash will provide [Read more]

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Labor Code 4600 & The Utilization Review Process

Labor Code 4600 and The Utilization Review Process Did you know that under Labor Code section 4600, the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is responsible for all medical treatment “reasonably necessary to cure or relieve” the effects of the injury? Once the injury is reported to the employer, the employer should refer the injured worker [Read more]

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CA Workers’ Comp and The Great Compromise

California Workers' Compensation is Based On "The Great Compromise" Did you know that the California workers’ compensation (“WC”) system is a “no-fault” system?  This means that even if you are 100% at fault for causing your work injury(ies), you may potentially be entitled to claim WC benefits from your employer or WC insurance carrier. [Read more]

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Medical Care: An Important Workers’ Comp Benefit

If You Are Injured At Work, Medical Care Is One of the Most Important Workers' Compensation Benefits You Can Receive Medical care can not only help alleviate symptoms from your injury, but can help you return to work in an expedited manner. Finding the correct medical provider is key to accomplishing these goals. Under [Read more]

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Temporary Disability Benefits and Work Restrictions

What are your responsibilities if your doctor gives you work restrictions? What are your employer’s responsibilities? If your treating doctor has you off work and your case is admitted, you are entitled to Temporary Disability (TD) Benefits. As a general rule, TD benefits are two-thirds of the gross (pre-tax) wages you lose while you [Read more]

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Are You Afraid of Retaliation for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Case?

What about Labor Code Section 132a? Did you know that California Labor Code section 132a legally prohibits employer discrimination against an injured employee for filing a workers' compensation claim and/or making known your intention to pursue workers’ compensation? Generally, discrimination can take the form of an express threat to terminate the injured worker for [Read more]

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COVID-19 Update, January 2022

Workers Face Increasing Risks From The Highly Contagious COVID-19 Omicron Variant The winter season is challenging workers and their loved ones with the ongoing health safety concerns of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Workers are facing greater risks of COVID-19 infections, especially from the highly transmissible COVID-19 Omicron variant. It is imperative that we take steps [Read more]

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FW Attorney Analisa Swan, Honored by the LACDP as a Democrat of the Year, Assembly District 43 Click an image to view the gallery… We are pleased to announce that Ford & Wallach attorney, Analisa Swan, was honored on November 6th, 2021 by [Read more]


COVID-19 Update

The Impact of COVID-19 in the Workplace One year has passed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, but the most severe effects of COVID-19 are disproportionately felt by the most vulnerable communities. Among the hardest hit by the pandemic are communities of color, indigenous people, and [Read more]

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Expanded CA Workers’ Comp Benefits / COVID-19

Governor Gavin Newsom Issues Emergency Exec. Order Expanding Workers’ Compensation Benefits For COVID-19 On 5/6/20, California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, signed emergency Executive Order N-62-20 expanding the protections for essential workers that contract COVID-19 during the stay at home order.[1] Ford & Wallach applauds Governor Newsom for protecting workers and expediting California Workers’ Compensation benefits [Read more]

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