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COVID-19 and California Workers’ Compensation

Contract COVID-19 On The Job, And You May Be Entitled To California Workers’ Compensation Benefits The coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic is a challenging crisis. Our thoughts are with all of the frontline workers, laid off or furloughed workers, and their families. Throughout these difficult circumstances, we remain committed to helping ALL workers obtain the best [Read more]

COVID-19 and California Workers’ Compensation2020-11-13T02:14:40-08:00

Disability: Types of Benefits

Know your rights about disability in the California workers’ compensation system. Know your rights and fight for your entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits. Educate yourself about the types of disability available in the State of California. The biggest concern for most injured workers, usually secondary only to making a good recovery, is maintaining income [Read more]

Disability: Types of Benefits2020-11-13T02:15:20-08:00

Death Due to Work Injury

What happens if I pass away due to a work-related injury? Two of the most difficult questions facing a worker and their loved ones are: "What happens if I pass away on the job, or because of declining health from an already existing workers’ compensation (“WC”) injury?" and "Are there any remedies for those [Read more]

Death Due to Work Injury2020-11-13T02:39:17-08:00

Job Retraining Vouchers: Am I eligible?

Can I obtain a job retraining voucher through the California workers’ compensation system if I am so disabled that I cannot return to my preinjury job? The answer is yes! If you are medically unable to return to your preinjury employer and/or preinjury job, you may be entitled to a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Voucher [Read more]

Job Retraining Vouchers: Am I eligible?2020-11-13T02:38:15-08:00

I Settled My WC Case. What Benefits Can I Collect?

Depending on the type of settlement and/or if you have a Findings and Award (“F&A”) from the judge, you may have additional rights under the California workers’ compensation (“WC”) system. If you settled your WC case by a Stipulated Award with open future medical care, and/or if you have a F&A from the judge [Read more]

I Settled My WC Case. What Benefits Can I Collect?2020-11-13T02:18:02-08:00

What if my Workers’ Comp claim has been denied?

In the California workers’ compensation (“WC”) system, the WC defendant e.g., the WC insurance carrier or permissibly self-insured employer, is allowed to place your claim on delay status for up to 90 days from the date of the defendant’s receipt of your WC claim. Within this 90-day delay status period, the WC defendant is supposed [Read more]

What if my Workers’ Comp claim has been denied?2020-11-13T03:02:12-08:00

2018 SuperLawyers Honors

Ford Wallach is proud to announce that Partner, Cheryl Wallach is among the elite list of 2018 SuperLawyers® Top Women Lawyers in workers' compensation law in Southern California.    

2018 SuperLawyers Honors2020-11-13T02:26:23-08:00

Election Day 2018

Ford & Wallach: Geared Up For Election Day 2018 Since 1953, Ford & Wallach, has committed itself to educating and empowering voters and electing pro-labor union candidates. In addition, to representing our clients with the highest levels of advocacy at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Court (“WCAB”) and in other proceedings for California [Read more]

Election Day 20182020-11-13T02:56:33-08:00

Download / print as pdf Download hi-res image FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ford & Wallach Welcomes Director of Labor Union Relations LOS ANGELES, CA November 5, 2018 — The law office of Ford & Wallach is proud to announce and welcome Jason Swanson as the Firm’s Director of Labor Union Relations. Jason will be responsible for [Read more]


TTD (Temporary Total Disability) Rates are Going Up for 2019 Dates of Injury

One of the most important benefits for an injured worker with an admitted injury is the wage replacement benefit known in the California workers’ compensation (“WC”) system as Temporary Total Disability (“TTD”). TTD is meant to compensate an injured worker for their loss of wages while the injured worker is off work recovering from their [Read more]

TTD (Temporary Total Disability) Rates are Going Up for 2019 Dates of Injury2020-11-13T03:06:48-08:00
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