About Evelyn Medina

As an attorney, Ms. Medina is committed to empowering workers by being active in the labor movement, fighting for social justice, and workers’ rights. She is a member of the foremost advocacy organizations for injured workers, the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association (“CAAA”) and Southern California Applicants’ Attorneys Association (“SCAAA”). She volunteers her time in service of the community by volunteering with the Los Angeles Food Bank.

Labor Code 4600 & The Utilization Review Process

Labor Code 4600 and The Utilization Review Process Did you know that under Labor Code section 4600, the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is responsible for all medical treatment “reasonably necessary to cure or relieve” the effects of the injury? Once the injury is reported to the employer, the employer should refer the injured worker [Read more]

Labor Code 4600 & The Utilization Review Process2023-06-05T16:57:21-07:00

Are You Afraid of Retaliation for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Case?

What about Labor Code Section 132a? Did you know that California Labor Code section 132a legally prohibits employer discrimination against an injured employee for filing a workers' compensation claim and/or making known your intention to pursue workers’ compensation? Generally, discrimination can take the form of an express threat to terminate the injured worker for [Read more]

Are You Afraid of Retaliation for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Case?2022-05-18T14:06:35-07:00
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